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The Fan Manufacturers Association of Australia and New Zealand (FMA-ANZ) is a collegiate body of the manufacturers and suppliers of non-domestic fan equipment speaking in one voice to represent the needs and wishes of the association.


The drive for higher energy efficiencies is impacting many industries.  It has been suggested that 20% of all “industrial power” is consumed in fan products.


As an industry we have to face this challenge and work with regulatory bodies in both Australia and New Zealand such that our non-domestic fan equipment industry can thrive and grow.


Voluntary Performance Code

Underpinning these efforts, FMAANZ members have voted to adopt a voluntary industry performance code detailing energy efficiency performance levels for key categories of non-domestic fans.


FMAANZ Voluntary Performance Code Calculator

This tool has been developed to assist users to determine whether a selected fan >125W complies with the relevant industry standard (see the FMAANZ voluntary industry performance code).




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